SK invests in US data specialist Glassdome

커뮤니티 2023-12-01 14:06:26 447

SK C&C, the IT solutions unit of SK Group, announced Thursday it has newly invested in San Francisco-based industrial software startup Glassdome, as part of its efforts to expand its net-zero business and bolster ties with related tech firms.

The number of shares it acquired was not disclosed due to deal conditions.

The investment is an extension of SK’s extensive partnerships with global tech startups, with the aim of launching IT services and taking a step forward to digital transformation.

Since May this year, SK C&C and Glassdome have developed a digital net-zero platform that collects and manages carbon emissions data for corporate clients. The Digital Carbon Passport service was launched last month.

As a specialist in data acquisition, especially in the manufacturing industry, Glassdome provides a carbon emissions and life cycle assessment platform that meets global environmental regulations.

The digital solution helps manufacturers comply with the European Union’s Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism, a new trade policy preventing carbon-intensive economic activities.

The firms are also promoting smart factories for small and medium-sized enterprises, based on digital twins -- a virtual replica of a company's value chains -- which allows them to simulate outcomes and lead to better decisions.

“Under the new partnership, we are expected to take initiative in net-zero market reform as well as environmental, social and governance activities,” said Park Joon, head of SK C&C’s Digital Tech Center. “We will continue to support and nurture startups for digital transformations.”




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